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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Prozak - Scapegoat lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


[Verse 1]
It’s been a decade now I’ve mastered my craft
Slick quick and sharp as a tack stick like the sex in your back
Perhaps I’m strapped with a gat but best to step the fuck back
Three hundred pounds of the tats
Prepared to stomp your face flat
I’m the reason heathens quit breathing by bleeding from lesions
Leading these demons through killing seasons and leave them grieving
No need in proceeding your begging and pleading
Only appeasing my thirst for blood, I stop when Hell is freezing
The Hitchcock of hip cord kord chord Prozak - Scapegoat lyrics kunci gitar hop, the darkest shit on the block
These haters hate it cause their bitches on jock
I got it on lock, dropped like these empty shells from a Glock
I’m quick ta bullet ya spot and watch your corpse as it rots

Going to Hell and they wanna blame me
And your children were pale now they wanna name me
Wanna put me in jail cause I know they hate me
I’m tired I’m tired sick of bullshit

When your life’s at an end and you’re going crazy
And violence is a trend cause it’s what they made me
I’m tired I’m tired sick of bullshit
I’m tired I’m tired sick of bullshit

[Verse 2]
They try to blame me for school shootings
Disputing freedom of speech, they’re saying their minds we are polluting
But what happened to people being responsible for things they did?
Red Lake that reservation yo fuck that kid
This shit ain’t suitable for weak minds
Explicit lyrics and deep rhymes, just relax and it will be fine
No need to shoot lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Prozak - Scapegoat lyrics download mp3 up your school, no need to act a fool
No need to drown the neighbour bitch inside your swimming pool
No need to slit your wrists to be noticed
But if you must remain focused, slit horizontal and then quote this
I am a bitch, I am so weak, I can not take this life
It ain’t my fault I killed myself, in fact I blame this knife


[Verse 3]
Sometimes I can’t stand it, anti-the-whole-planet
I wish that I could vanish, I know I take for granted
But can you blame me for feeling I’m going crazy
In this world where it is legal to kill a baby inside a lady?
And even worse now this gay shit is a trend
Emo faggots wearing girl pants huh where does it end?
But you’re telling me to keep an open mind, shit my mind is open
I think it’s your mind flooded from the dicks that you’ve been smoking
And can anybody tell me what the fuck a metrosexual is?
And what religion’s got these preachers out here touching kids?
Nevermind I don’t think that it was meant for me to know chords Prozak - Scapegoat lyrics lyrics this
We’re going straight to Hell as if you didn’t notice


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